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About Axle

My Background


Axle says times were hard for him growing up on a 163 acre farm in the North Okanagan with 5 other siblings. 

Axle says he started operating equipment and welding bicycles together by about age 7. In grade 7 Axle received the "Most Improved Student Award" from Grindrod Elementary.  After high school Axle pruned trees, worked on various farms, drove highway tractors and worked in a plywood plant. In 2008 Axle graduated as an LPN and worked at Penticton Regional Hospital as a nurse for 11 years before beginning art school. Axle says he is the first in his family to get an education besides his mom from the Philippines and he feels blessed everyday. Axle says he always wanted to further his education but didn't think much of art before because "nothing physically was really changing". Those views have certainly changed for Axle and he extends his gratitude to those involved in his journey.

My Medium


Axle uses many different mediums, such as steel, wood, acrylics, oils or "whatever is speaking to me". Axle believes ecological consideration must play a greater part in the art making/grading process of the modern artist (much like lower emission vehicles and alternate modes of transport have become commonplace). "With added consciousness towards ecological impacts, traditional art mediums and their delineations can be set aside allowing the discovery of new yet undiscovered undefined areas of emotion, action or vulnerability." (Axle 2020)

My Inspiration


Ecosine is defined as any art work(s) containing a minimum of 50% non-purchased medium material (measured by mass).

The inspiration for Ecosine came to Axle while attending art school at the University of British Columbia Okanagan. There he discovered art related waste far exceeded all other departments combined. 

On January 24, 2020 the University of British Columbia Okanagan invited Axle to present 30 pieces of Ecosine art work publicly in their FINA Gallery. Axle presented his works gleefully and invited collaborative and creative expression through his approach. Axle believes art waste awareness must start at the grass root level through reconsideration of medium content, ecological harmony and new appreciation of change within the arts.

Grab interest


Stop the waves of waste. Bring peace to mother earth and beauty back to mankind.

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